Top 10 Benefits of Arappu Leaf Powder for Natural Hair Growth

Top 10 Benefits of Arappu Leaf Powder for Natural Hair Growth


For all who love their hair…

Arappu Plant Tree

Apart from the tawdriness of chemical Substances, people began to choose the products wisely through investing their money in natural products. Natural Or organic products are simply free from all adverse effects of chemicals and synthetics.

One can put their trust and rely completely on nature because naturalness consists of the goodness and richness of nature These are the top 10 Benefits of arappu powder for your Hair and also explained about What is Arappu Powder, How to Prepare and How to use it for your Hair.
Having healthy and shiny hair is one of the most desirable features people wanted nowadays. Organic products work slowly but always better in results because they nourish and cherish your hair Intrinsically. To the people who love themselves, To the people who love nature, To the people who love genuineness,

Malaiyur retail Introduce organic Arappu powder for hair. These are Prepared by our Village Women’s self-Help group known as Sarasvati magalir Kulu. Sometimes the solutions to the problems will be in the tradition. You can either invite or eliminate the side effects of harsh chemicals. It is your choice.

What is Arappu powder?

Arappu is a powder made from the leaves of the arappu tree. It is largely grown in the South zone of Tamil Nadu and when the leaves are fully grown and matured, it plucked, dried in shade, and made into powder.

Hair Benefits of Arappu Powder?

Arappu Tree

  • Our handmade herbal hair powder is specially made by Saraswati magalir Kulu. Customer happiness is our real satisfaction. So the components of our arappu powder are 100 percent pure and natural.
  • The Main ingredients of powder are arappu powder slightly mixed with fenugreek powder and henna powder. For the easiness of customers, different quantities are available.100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, and one-kilo packets are the following and the price ranges from ₹30 to ₹200.
  • We value your money by giving a safer product to your hair. Using our completely environment-friendly, cruelty-free as well as free from synthetic irritants makes you instantly worthy yourself through us.
    The benefits of our Arappu powder
  • Though it is completely made from organic substances, it is safer on the scalp as well as hair and gradually nourishes and promotes healthy hair.
  • Our Arappu Powder can replenish the hair’s moisture, repairs the broken hairs, and eliminate damage-causing ions.
  • The natural cooling effect of arappu powder cools not only your hair but also your eyes.
  •  Non-toxic, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, non-added colors or non-fragrance arappu powder moisturizes and conditions your hair effectively and decreases the hair fall eventually.
  • It helps to get rid of dandruff and nourishes your hair into a soft and shiny lustrous one.
  • By using arappu Powder to your hair gradually results in reducing the heat of your body.
  • Though arappu powder is known as nature’s shampoo, it creates enough foam and helps to remove all the dirt and oil from the hair.
  • It is a traditional way of washing hair and prevent forming more grey hair.
  • You can either use the powder individually or can use with shikakai powder, Soap nut, Hibiscus, Amla, Neem, etc for better results.
  • Powder has the scientific background for protecting the hair and you can feel your hair fresh and smooth instantly after using it.

How to use Arappu Powder for Hair?

malaiyur retail arappu powder

  1. Take one or 2 tables spoons of Albizia Amara or arappu powder in a bowl.
  2. Make it as a medium paste by adding some water.
  3. Ensure there are no lumps on it and apply it to the wet hair. It would form lather mildly and remove the oil leaving the hair clean.
  4. After 20 to 30 minutes rinse off the powder using running water.
  5. You can mix the arappu powder with shikakai, Nut soap, Hibiscus, Amla, Neem, etc, and make a medium paste. It will enhance the removal of dirt and excess oil as well as helps to nourish more.
  6. If you are planning to mix with raw fenugreek additionally, then soak it before the day of use. It will help to mix with the powder effectively or either can use individually.
  7. If you have any particular irritation while using it for the first 2 times kindly stop it from further use.

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Malaiyur Retail Mission :

Why Malaiyur Retail is Best Natural and Organic Products Supplier in India

Malaiyur Retail 

We wish to propagate the treasure of nature like arappu powder. With the minimum amount of money, people should maintain their health as well as get conscious about the environment we live in. Though mother earth contains all the healing properties then why should we waste our money on chemicals and summons hazardous things to the body? In the end, we return to the earth itself. So ensuring the people about the importance of handmade organic substance is our main goal.

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