Vendor’s Terms and Conditions

Who we are

Our website address is: and Authorized  Person is further said as Admin.

For Vendors:

For Registration :

The Personal Details Provided During Vendors registration is correct and true of Vendor’s Knowledge and fully responsible for vendors only. In case any misinformation found during verification your account may be terminated by Admin.

Vendor’s Responsibility:

Product Listing : I will upload or list a product after verification of condition, Purity, Packing Date, Expiry Date and More.

Product Packing : Once got an order vendor is responsible person to Proper Packing to avoid Product Damage. In case any damage during Transportation you are the responsible for resending or Replacing the Product.

Product Shipping :  After Proper Packing vendor is responsible for courier the Product with in the Time Limit or Duration. 

Vendors Payment:

Vendors Payment is Released after Confirmation of order Cancelation, In case your product is Non-Refundable means That order Payment also released after seven days of Product Delivery. Because In case any cancelled order placed That fund is transferred to the customer within 5 Days. So Vendors payment  is released after 7 days

Online Portal Commission Details :

I know The yearly charges of Domain registration, Hosting, Payment Gateway Charges and other management charges to Run a Online Website Portal. Therefore i agree to give the charges in the name of Commission to run the website continuously. 

Vendor Registration Fee : FREE of cost For Vendor Registration

Product Registration Fee : FREE of cost For Product Listing

Payment Withdrawal Fee : FREE of cost For Vendor Withdrawal

Commission Details : Minimum Rs.10 in Indian Rupees or 10% Which ever is Higher for Each and Every single Products. This Charges is very vendors to vendors according to Product Category. And the commission charges is Paid after getting Order from the Customer. (This Fee includes Domain Charges, Hosting Charges, Website Maintenance Charges and Online Payment Gateway Charges).