Husked and Semi Husked Coconut – தேங்காய்

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We are supply Bulk quantity in tonnage based  as well as Weight based for Retail sales.

  1. 300 grm coconut
  2. 400 grm coconut
  3. 500 grm coconut
  4. 600 grm coconut
  • Natural and Organically Grown
  • Rich in Nutrients
  • High Coconut Meat Thickness
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Semi Husked and Husked Coconut Supplier in Tamilnadu

Husked coconuts being good for health, importers are keen on having it imported to various countries across the globe including USA, UK, Europe and Middle East where coconut cultivation is almost nil.

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Grown only in the topical region, husked coconuts are high on protein, potassium and iron. The nutritional value is very high as husked coconuts contain saturated fat, which is quite rare in fruits. Including it in your regular diet will relieve you of protein deficiency. Husked coconuts are in fact good for kidney and urinary bladder problems.

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Top Quality Husked coconuts

The quality of our husked coconuts is undeniably good. Importers looking for husked coconuts with exceptional quality need to just get in touch with us. Also make a note that it is not a seasonal fruit as husked coconuts are available right through the year.

We are the Leading coconut suppliers in Tamilnadu and Kerala, and we are the supplier of one of the leading hotel of Saravana Bavan In Madurai on a weekly Basis.

We are available throughout the day with our customer service agents waiting to provide all the info and clear doubts of our clients.

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 Organically grown 

Our husked coconuts are grown organically. Also, our products are available in different sizes depending on the client requirement. Small or big, whatever size the client may want, we have it all!

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Semi husked coconut is a product derived from husked coconut. At Malaiyur Retail, we have the best quality semi husked coconuts. Our semi husked coconuts are fresh, rich in taste, and have high nutritional value. With tamper-proof packing, our products will meet the standards of export quality. Special packaging in done to ensure the semi husked coconuts remains fresh for a long time.

Maintaining the quality of the products is essential to retain the client base. At Malaiyur Retail, we make sure that our manufacturing and storage units are maintained hygienically.

Natural methods are used for farming

Committed to provide only the best quality to our clients, we strive to meet the expectations of the clients.

We meet the huge demand for semi husked coconuts by cultivating it in our farmland. This means, only natural methods are used for farming. We avoid chemicals completely and our techniques in farming are based on the most modern technology.

Best Packing standard

Putting well-experienced people on the job, we are sure that our semi husked coconuts will meet the international standards. Being rich in proteins, semi husked coconuts are used in diet and cosmetic products.

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Our tamper-proof packing will surely have the products fresh and hygiene for a long time. For semi husked coconuts in large quantities, your right destination must be Malaiyur Retail! Call us right now and let us know your requirements.

Get in touch with our customer care unit and let us know your requirements. We will gladly assist you and ensure that the best quality semi husked coconuts are exported.

For all your husked coconut requirements, just get in touch with us. Our customer service agents are available right through taking calls from clients and clearing doubts.

For your one stop shop for husked coconut requirement, just get in touch with Malaiyur Retail! We are there to serve you with the best!

About Our Business Malaiyur Retail :

We started our business from women’s self help group name called Saraswathi Magalir Kulu in Kammampatti village in Dharmapuri District from 2017 onwards. We started manufacturing and selling of Herbal Hair care Products, Washing soaps and washing powders in our village.

  1. From January 2020 onwards we are started selling our Products through online using social media.
  2. From June 2020 onwards we are created online e-Commerce portal called Malaiyur Retail.
  3. From November 2020 onwards We are started to Partner with Organic products farmers and Women’s self help groups to selling their products in our MALAIYUR RETAIL website.

And we are also happy to supply products to you and helping farmers.

Non-GMO Products
Our all Products are Non-GMO (Non-genetically modified organisms) Products. It keeps your family healthy.

Any Time, Anywhere Delivery
We are available (24 X 7) right through the day and night as our business partners is set across the globe and we will be accessible to answer all the queries..

Wild Varieties and Home-made Products
Our Products are wild varieties and Drumstick Powder, Aarappu Leaf Powder, Neem Leaf Powders are home-made, clean, fresh and highly safe.

Best Service Provider
Malaiyur Retail is not only an exporters, We also Provide Best Service regarding exports products assistance other than our products in all over India. Our Presents makes your presents in site.

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300 Grm, 400 Grm, 500 Grm, 600 Grm


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