Finger Millet or Ragi

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We are the Manufacturer of Finger millet or Ragi.

Benefits of Finger Millet or Ragi : 

1. Rich in protein

2. Rich in minerals

3. Used to control diabetes

4. Anti-microbial

5. Potential to fight cancer

6. Controls cholesterol

7. Anti-aging properties

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Finger millet grain also known as ragi has always been a popular diet among the Indians particularly among those in the south. Its botanical name is Eleusine coracana L. High on nutritive values, it is also therapeutic in nature providing relief for various ailments. The ragi grain and ragi flour are used in various recipes and are delicious to taste. If you have been looking out for ragi powder, make sure that you get the best organic powder.

Rich in protein: Ragi is rich in protein and according to some research the protein value is double than that found in rice. The protein fraction eleusinin that is found in the ragi grain apart from tryptophan, cystine, methionine and total aromatic amino acids. One of the biggest benefits of including it in your daily diet is that it prevents malnutrition.

Rich in minerals: Finger millet grain is rich in mineral content as well. The calcium content found in ragi grain is said to be up to 30 times more than that found in other cereals. It also contains high amount of phosphorus, potassium and iron. With calcium being necessary for dental development and bone density, ragi should be included in the diet to combat this deficiency. It is also a good source to fight osteoporosis and low hemoglobin, which results in anemia.

Used to control diabetes: Ragi contains complex carbohydrates, high dietary fiber and valuable phytochemicals. All these help in fighting diabetes. The finger millet’s seed coat contains polyphenols which is much higher than that found in rice and wheat. This also makes it clear that it should be consumed as a whole grain for full benefits.

Anti-microbial: The ragi powder should be included in our daily diet because of it anti-microbial properties. Research has proved that it can fight against several bacteria including Bacillus cereus, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus.

Potential to fight cancer: Being an antioxidants, ragi can help in the prevention of cancer as it can check excessive oxidation due to cell damage. On the seed coat of the finger millet grain, present are good quantities of phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins which have excellent antioxidant properties.

Controls cholesterol: Ragi controls bad cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the absorption of serum triglycerides and prevents lipid oxidation and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol oxidation.

Anti-aging properties: If not for anything else, ragi should be consumed to maintain that young look. Yes, it has excellent anti-aging properties as it has a strong potential for collagen cross-linking.

Ragi is slowly regaining its popularity considering the vast health benefits it provides. The ragi flour and ragi powder are fast moving products among the health conscious. It is used in various recipes to make ragi laddoo, ragi malt, ragi halwa, ragi dosa, ragi cookies, ragi pakoda, etc. Including the finger millet grain in your daily diet will ensure that you stay free of several diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Buy the organic products from Village right now!

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