About Us

Who We Are

“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine,
Our Medicine Organics Should Be Our Food Your Health”.

  • Malaiyur Retail is the Proprietorship firm, Formed by women’s self Help group of “Saraswathi Magalir Kulu” to supply Handmade as well as Homemade products. 
  • we are Manufactured Natural Handmade as well as Homemade beauty products of Arappu powder, Henna Powder for hair growth and also manufactured handmade herbal soaps in Tulsi, Alovera, etc, and some of natural food products.
  • Malaiyur Retail is initially started to supply products to the various local markets in Chennai, Bangalore, Hosur, Perundurai, Thiruchengode, Nagercoil Markets in Tamilnadu and few main cities in other states also. We are the leading supplier and wholesaler of agricultural and Herbal products in Tamilnadu and supplying value-added products in all over India as our prices are competitive and quality is top-notch. We are fast turning out to be the pioneers in the industry as our products are of good quality and customer satisfaction is high.
  • We guarantee that our product meets highest quality standards. Currently we have a strong client base in the Middle East, USA, Europe, apart from the Indian market. The reputation of being the best suppliers and wholesalers is due to the customer service. We ensure complete customer satisfaction right from the start. We are Dedicated to Marketing Farmer’s Agricultural Products to the Global Market.
  • We are committed towards offering our clients the best of the best! The quality of all our products is unmatched. We also customize our herbal beauty products depending on the requirements of the clients. Checking for quality all the time to meet the international standards, our quality control measures are up-to-date.
  • A strong employee base right from the lower rungs to the highest rank, we are committed to provide excellent service in all aspects.
  • While reiterating that our products are of good quality, we also assure of timely and prompt delivery. Having a huge workforce and ability to procure any of the products we promise to export, our customers can be sure of timely delivery.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to success. We realize this and have made it out mantra! Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our customer service department working round the clock.
  • Our team of committed professionals have good production procedures which guarantee a steady supply of products to our clients and we never compromise on the quality of the products. Our strong presence in the market within a very short span of time is mainly due to the technical expertise right from farming to loading.

Every product we export has a longer shelf life, packed well to retain the freshness, and is grown organically.

With the ability to export huge quantities of products to any country across the globe, we will meet the international standards to keep in line with our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Customers Should Choose Us For The Following Reasons

  • we assure of supply at very minimal cost
  • Availability of large quantities of products
  • Experienced and educated professionals
  • We stick to quality control measures
  • Using the most modern technology for farming, packing, storing, quality, control and loading

About Our Business Malaiyur Retail :

We started our business from women’s self help group name called Saraswathi Magalir Kulu from 2017 onwards. We started manufacturing and selling of Herbal Hair care Products, Washing soaps and washing powders in our village.

  1. From January 2020 onwards we are started selling our Products through online using social media.
  2. From June 2020 onwards we are created online e-Commerce portal called Malaiyur Retail.
  3. From November 2020 onwards We are started to Partner with Organic products farmers and Women’s self help groups to selling their products in our MALAIYUR RETAIL website.

And we are also happy to supply products to you and helping farmers.

Non-GMO Products

Our all Products are Non-GMO (Non-genetically modified organisms) Products. It keeps your family healthy.

Any Time, Anywhere Delivery
We are available (24 X 7) right through the day and night as our business partners is set across the globe and we will be accessible to answer all the queries..

Wild Varieties and Home-made Products
Our Products are wild varieties and Drumstick Powder, Aarappu Leaf Powder, Neem Leaf Powders are home-made, clean, fresh and highly safe.

Best Service Provider
Malaiyur Retail is not only an exporters, We also Provide Best Service regarding exports products assistance other than our products in all over india. Our Presents makes your presents in site.

A Few Words About

Our Team

We are Formed a women’s self help group in our village in the name of “Saraswathi Magalir Kulu” in 2019. From March 2020 onwards  we are starting Production of Herbal and Natural Products. The Main source of our product’s Raw materials are from our Group members agricultural land. We thank Mr.Saravanan to support and encouraged to sell our Products online and making this  E-Commerce site as a selling platform.