Natural Products!!! Free From

  • No Parabens !
  • No Ammonium chloride!
  • No Sodium Sulfate


Be Safe Be Healthy!!

  • Our Products are Free from Pesticides,
  • Our farm is in the Western Ghats area.

Women's Low Budget Clothings

Coming Soon!!!!

  • Low Budget sarees
  • Low cost Chudithars

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Best Selling Products

Why Purchase Products From MALAIYUR RETAIL!

  • Natural And Healthy

  • All Products Are Handmade And Homemade.

  • To Avoid Chemical Products.

  • To Encourage Women’s Self Help Group.

Natural and Organic Products

We are not a dealer, We are Produced our own farm and Collect Herbal in the Forest

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Best Quality

Customer Satisfaction is the First Priority.
Quality Products With Minimum Price. We are not Compromising the Quality

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We are ready to support For your Customized Products (or) Need other Products We Help you

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Hair Care Products

Customers Should Choose Us For The Following Reasons

We Use Organic and Natural Products Only
We assure of supply at very minimal cost
We are supplied products what we consume
We stick to quality Control Measures
We supply Products according to your Body or Skin Conditions

Body Care Products

Natural Food Products